TIVP was formed in 2012 in Deep River, Ontario by a group of 5 friends that had in common a love of Heavy Metal music.  Diverse influences have merged to forge a new sound that is melodic whilst simultaneously technical and brutal.

                                                                                                                                            Torture for Pleasure is:               

Cicely Proctor:  Vocals 

     Cici is a diminutive screamer with out-sized lungs.  Tough girls come in small packages.  As the voice of Torture for Pleasure Cici oozes swagger and authority that forces people to listen...or else!

 Pascal (paco) Noel:  Bass 

Pascal provides the crazy bass that shakes the stage or stereo.  Long suspected to be a sasquatch raised by humans (DNA test results pending), paco is able to lock in with the drums as a precision rhythm unit to propel the beat with a wall of sound.


 Jason Woito:  Drums

Jason has the fastest feet of any skin basher we've ever met. 

Double-kick rolls fly from his feet with speed and precision.  Jason's unorthodox style is a major contributor to TIVP's unique sound.


Guitar:  Talon Risto 

Talon is one half of torture for pleasure's dynamic guitar duo.  A shred master, the sweeps fly from his fingers faster than the eyes and ears can track them.  Tricky rhythms and speedy leads are what Talon does best.


Guitar:  Mike Griese

Part two of the guitar team, Mike brings his love of 80's thrash and combines it with a vast library of styles to help create TIVP's sound.  Mike loves to shred solos and harmonize the rhythm parts  in order to get the most bang for the guitar buck!

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