Currently Torture for Pleasure is putting together an album of kick-ass Heavy Metal!!  Check out some of the tunes belowNew tracks will be posted soon!  If you like'em head HERE for free Mp3 downloads.

Panzer Division Destroyed:  A new cover of an old Budgie track!

Panzer Division Destroyed.mp3


Burning Bridges:  The first of many!

Burning Bridges.mp3

Somebody to Love:  A new twist on the Jefferson Airplane classic!

Somebody to Love.mp3

  Tetelestai (Sweet Darkness) is a real grinder!

TETELESTAI (Sweet Darkness).mp3

 I-330:  Heavy as hell... this one is a shocker with a great ending!



Vulture:  For those who abuse their power!


She's Gone:  Cici channels the wizard of Oz in this classic cover

She's Gone - (Black Sabbath cover).mp3

Our new thrasher, "Descent".  Try not to lose your mind!


 A spooky cover of "A Warm Place" by Nine inch Nails

a warm place.mp3

 "OverBurdened".... Woito brings the thunder!!


A Song for Fred:  Fresh from the torture pit, our demented tribute!

A Song for Fred.mp3

D.T.Y.A.:  Thrash yer guts out!


Just for kicks, a little Iron Maiden: Live cover of "Hallowed be thy Name" from our first  gig, 3 hours after we all finally got together for the first time ever!

Hallowed (live).mp3


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